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You might be running that race, but to get you to the start-line and to support you through the long hard miles, there will be your family, your trainers, trusted advisers, the race organisers, the safety crew and many more.

We believe that success in business is all about people working together effectively and this can be hard.

Using a simple and powerful tool "The Partnering Grid"* we can help you diagnose and explore what your partnerships are trying to achieve and how you can harness the differences that different partners bring to achieve your goals, innovation and growth.

Deering, A. & Murphy, A. (2003). The partnering imperative; making business partnerships work

The approach is based on two principles:

Managing Difference - At the heart of the approach is recognising that we are all different and rather than seeking to eliminate the differences we see, we can identify the strengths that you and your partners have and manage them for mutual benefit. 

Developing Trust - All good partnerships are based on trust, but nobody can just make trust happen. We help you identify common areas where you can work together and build trust together.

Powerful Partnerships
Because behind every successful athlete there is a brilliant team..
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