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Finding your VALUE is about choosing the right race, understanding why you want to run it, how it builds on your strengths and what benefits it will give to you and those important to you.


We start with asking WHY? 

Why do we start here? Because without a clear and compelling purpose, it is difficult to keep going when the going gets tough.


We work with you to develop a compelling vision and a set of simple, purposeful and challenging goals to sustain you through the inevitable ups and downs of a long journey. These will include:


  • Analysing your drivers for change

  • Identifying the benefits you will achieve

  • Evaluating your current position, your strengths and weaknesses

  • Testing your commitment and excitement of embarking on this journey. 

Now, you really want run to run this race! Next, a training plan to get you to the start line in the best condition.

Applying the principles of Lean Thinking, we will help you to unlock your VALUE and to develop plans which which deliver your most important priorities.


We will undertake a diagnosis that will include asking challenging and simple questions such as:

  • Who are your customers? What do they need now and in the future?

  • Which activities and processes add the most value? To whom?

  • What opportunities do you have to improve efficiency and eliminate waste?

  • How motivated are your leaders and teams?

  • How much risk do you want to take?


Some answers may be surprising and will open up new opportunities. The priorities for action will emerge and be used to develop a practical implementation plan.

These techniques have successfully been deployed across functions as diverse as supply-chain, IT, outsourcing, risk and compliance and in highly regulated businesses. The results have been improved performance and reduced cost. 


Finding your VALUE
Understanding why you want to run this race and developing a training plan..

"Because in business it doesn't matter what you do, it matters why you do it" 

Simon Sinek


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