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Mandy Calvert

Mandy Calvert is the founder of Quince Consultancy.  She is an engineer by training and has held senior leadership positions in the global life sciences sector  where she was responsible for shaping strategy, leading and delivering major organisational and technology change to, deliver financial value, improve customer satisfaction  and develop staff skills and confidence. 

She has experience of working in a wide variety of functions from Supply chain, Manufacturing, IT, Facilities Management, Risk and Compliance, Product Development and Housing.

Mandy is a non-executive director and advisory board member 

Her broad business experience helps her to work with clients to bring an external perspective and independant thinking to address the root causes of their challenges and to help them unlock value. 

She believes that the importance of creating an inclusive working environment is one of the keys to successful business results and motivated staff.

Mandy is an accomplished athlete, having represented her country in rowing and successfully completed several international ultra-running endurance events. The ultimate teamwork needed in rowing and the tenacity and drive required in ultra-running are skills that are as important in business as in sport. 

Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is a researcher and consultant with over 30 years experience in applied and participative research in organisations. An expert in organisational learning, she has worked in a very wide range of international settings including construction, consulting, education, government, international development, health, knowledge transfer and manufacturing. Her research interests in Linguistics and Leadership combine to deliver valuable improvements in workplace climate, and more inclusive and effective corporate conversations.


Her expertise is in organisational learning and communication where she has many years experience consulting at all levels from shop floor worker to company director applying models of organisation behaviour to help the business world be more productive and inclusive.


In her spare time Anne is working towards her PhD with Lancaster University. What gets said, and how it gets said determines what gets done; and her work aims to understand the role of language in these dynamics, and to use these insights to make corporate conversations more inclusive, efficient and effective.


She is co-author of Managing International Partnerships and Alliances, [European Foundation for Quality Management 2001] and The Partnering Imperative: Making Business Partnerships Work, [Wiley 2003].

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